[Twin Pack] Deco Princess Glue - Excellent Adhesive for Crystals, Charms & Cabochons


This Japan-made glue is one of the best brands that we have worked with - it is excellent for bonding rhinestones, charms and cabochons to plastics, fabrics, metal, leather, glass, wood and more! This glue is water based and dries clear for a beautiful finish. Deco princess glue stays on strong yet non-brittle - great for attaching iphone/ ipad cases, Converse shoes, headphones, high heels, hair clips, champaign bottles & many other accessories! Hardening starts approx. 5 minutes after application so you have time to move the crystals around for perfect placement – just leave the finished product untouched for 24 hours for complete setting.

Most importantly, the Deco Princess does not contain Tetrachloroethylene (such as in E6000) which is known to be highly toxic and contains carcinogenic material. When you are working on your craft project for hours on end, inhaling nasty fumes from glue is the last thing you want! The Deco Princess is fume-free and there is none of that nasty smell! Try this highly rated glue and you'll never use anything else for your craft projects again!

******** Note *********
Deco Princess is not intended for use with flip flop straps such as Havaianas - if you are looking for our special flip flop glue click here for our product and tutorial:




Video Tutorials

Crystal Pick up pencil

Triangle Dish - Flip your crystals right-side up