GemMii Kit

Our kits come with pre-set designs - You can choose the color tone you like and we will provide all the crystals you need to gem the accessories. 

For the more adventurous designers, you can pick the Design-Your-Own kits and then mix & match with the crystals for your own designs. These kits do not come with a pre-set design or crystals so you are free to let your creativity roam! 

What's included
  • One accessory of your choice
  • One tube of Glue
  • One crystal holding dish (that helps to flip the crystals right-side-up when you shake it!)
  • One crystal pickup pencil (no more tweezers!)
  • Swarovski crystals for the design


Video Tutorials

DIY iPhone Kit with Swarovski Crystals

Crystal Pick up pencil

Triangle Dish - Flip your crystals right-side up