Super Glue for Flip Flops


Since Havaianas changed the formula in their flip flop straps in 2010, a lot of customers experienced problems with using E6000 and other various adhesives when embellishing the flip flop straps with Swarovski crystals, including the glue turning soft and melting etc. If you are looking for a product to solve this problem, this superglue is the solution for you!

This super glue is specially formulated for use with Swarovski crystals and soft rubber flip flop straps (Havaianas, Cariris brand etc) for exceptional hold and durability, without damaging the backing of the crystals like commercial superglue in the market.

One tube of super glue can complete 6-10 pairs of flip flops depending on the design. 

***Special Promotion*** One tube of superglue will be provided FREE in your package when 2 or more wholesale Swarovski crystal packs are purchased (Use Coupon Code "FREESUPERGLUE" at checkout). 

Special Note: We have noticed some wrong applications of our flipflop superglue on a blogging site causing crystals to cloud up and glues to crack – this is a perfect example of using WAY TOO MUCH glue! One small drop is more than sufficient to ensure strong attachment, and we will include detailed instructions on how to use this glue properly along with the flipflop superglue. 

Please check our tutorial for detailed instructions on how to use this superglue for best results!

Link for the tutorial: 


And check out our Youtube video on the results!

Video Tutorials

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