Hello & Welcome to GemMii June 28 2012


At GemMii we love to DIY. And we love Swarovski crystals, they just make ordinary items 1000x more beautiful. But in order to do a project we often had to run back and forth between different craft stores in order to buy all the different parts needed, not to mention the dozen different types of glues we tried on the various materials - obviously some worked, and some wasted our perfectly good Swarovski crystals so we had to run back to the stores again! 

So then we thought, hey wouldn't it be nice to have everything already packed in a DIY package so we can just focus on the fun part of making the actual accessories?? Of course it would be! 

Please enjoy browsing through our website and if there are any special accessories that you would like to gem that we don't currently offer feel free to drop us a note! And do share your finished masterpieces with us!