Krispy Kreme iPhone Case

Step 1 - Prepare the GemMii Kit November 28 2012, 0 Comments

Cut out the big logo to fit the inside of the clear iPhone case. You can choose any other patterns that you like....just make sure they are not too too small to gem!

Step 2 - Fit the pattern and Start with the logo November 28 2012, 0 Comments

Use waterproof CD markers to draw the Krispy Kreme logo.

Start with the most complicated pattern first, and fill in the gaps with SS5 Crystal(001) at the same time.

Step 3 - Fill the surrounding area November 28 2012, 0 Comments

After you have finished the main logo pattern, you can start filling out the surrounding areas. 

Use one size (SS7) so it looks more uniform.

Step 4 - Apply the finishing touch November 28 2012, 0 Comments

After letting the completed iPhone case dry for 24 hours, the final step is to gently clean the Swarovski crystal surface with a cotton swap and a little bit of nail polish remover. And then taaa-daaa! You have your very own unique iPhone case to show off with!