Flip Flops from Hong Kong August 30 2012

I always wanted to give a gift that will surely be remembered for its thoughtfulness but it wasn’t easy. I am not a creative person and was never good at arts and crafts. But Gemmii has made the gift giving process so easy and enjoyable! The best thing is, even if you’re an arts & crafts dummy like me, you will definitely be able to put together an end product that your friends will love – and you will take pride in! I finished gemming my pair of flip flops in less than two hours! And now my friends call me artistic!!!!

From: Lydi from Hong Kong
Product: Swarovski Element Crystals SS16

Design your own Flip Flops from Hong Kong August 10 2012

It was so much fun to make my own crystal flip flops, and so easy as well! The crystals stayed on really strong...I have been to my 3rd trip to the beaches already and none of the crystals fell off... and the flip flops are very comfy as well!

FromWing from Hong Kong
Product: Design-your-own Flip Flops GemMii Kit; Swarovski Element Crystals SS16

Photo Frame from Vancouver July 31 2012

Made this for my colleague's birthday and she loved it! I love all kinds of DIY and now I'm falling in love with bling-bling! I used the extra crystals to gem my G-shock and that is looking cool as well!!! :)

From: Jen from Vancouver
Product: Design-your-own photo frame GemMii Kit

iPhone Case from London July 30 2012

I wanted to use my own design for my iphone case but found that it was really expensive to get it done outside... so I decided to buy crystals and make it myself!  It took 3 hours but was really fun and was surprised to see how well the crystals held up even with the rough and tumble that my phone has suffered in my bag.  Those magic pencils also made it really easy to pick & place each crystal.  I will be definitely be doing more blinging!  Thanks Gemmii!

From: K.L. from London
Product: Design-your-own iPhone case GemMii Kit; Deco Princess Glue